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        FSAI Anthem

        Student Chapters

        Student Chapters

        Student chapters are composed of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students interested in the field of Building Automation, Fire Safety & Electronic Security.

        The Mission

        Mission is to acquire, disseminate, and apply knowledge of the Building Automation, Fire Safety & Electronic Security, Inspire, build passion, make career in the domain, fulfil human resource requirement in the Industry.

        Objectives of Student Chapter

        The objectives of the fsai Student Chapter:

        • Educate students interested in Building Automation, Fire Safety & Electronic Security
        • Explore career opportunities
        • Internships, volunteer and Research opportunities
        • Enhance the skills of students

        fsai Deliverables

        • To reach out to the universities & colleges in the region
        • Connect students with professionals through the faculty advisor or as a guest lecturers
        • Encourage students to publish articles in fsai Journal
        • Each chapter will identify faculty advisors who will develop & monitor the growth of the student Chapter

        FSAI was incorporated as a society with Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Rules 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act of 1975) bearing Registration No.326/2002.

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